Quality products, affordable prices

West Main provides trendy, good quality, boutique items at a more affordable price. While some items are more expensive, we make it a point to provide low-cost items as well. 

And so the adventure begins,

Dress like you wanted when you were younger

A little boho. A little chic.

A Whole New Look

West Main Company offers a unique selection of styles. Check them out below! 

Free in-store pickup is available as an alternative to shipping

Our local customers are able to select in-store pickup and save on shipping!

Free shipping on orders $50+

We have got shipping covered for all orders $50+!


Our Happy Clients

“A wonderful boutique full of trendy clothes, jewelry and home decor. We love this addition to the Marion community!”
“This is hands down the cutest boutique I’ve ever been to! Megan and Grace have done an amazing job! Just what this little town needed! Soooo many cute things!”
“Such a cute and affordable store. Friendly staff and the setup makes me want them to come decorate my house!”

Explore a New You!

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