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Welcome to West Main Company! I am so happy you’re here. West Main is a family-built company started by two sisters and is located in Marion, Kansas.

In 2019, my sister and I started West Main Company determined to provide our small community with stylish clothing without breaking the bank. As individuals, we always had a heart for fashion. It has been so fun bringing our passion to life as sisters in business. When we started the business, I was a senior in high school and Megan was a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids. Megan is an amazing mama and as of July, of 2021, she decided to depart from the business and focus on her beautiful babies. Because Megan and I have a decent-sized age gap, we were able to combine our interests and styles to provide our customers with a wide variety of clothing to choose from. My goal is to maintain that variety so that each customer finds exactly what they need to fit their style.

I sincerely appreciate you and your business here at West Main! Customer service is very important to me. Reach out with any questions and I will respond in a timely manner! I hope your shopping experience here is one worth coming back for! 

-Grace (owner)

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